This is a set of pictures from CN86 on Nicolai Mountain during the
6 meter sprint on May 11, 2002.

Driving directions:  Take highway 30 west from Longview.  After Clatskanie, Westport, and
Wauna, you will start up Bradley Hill.  At the crest of the hill, look on the left for the first dirt road.
As soon as you start up the road, you will see a cellsite on the left.  Keep going and follow the
main road up using CB channel 29.  After 4.5 miles, you will want to keep right.  You will see
a rock with "OSU" painted on it if you're going the right way.  At 5.5 miles you will see a rock
pit on the right and start going downhill.  This condition is normal - do not panic.  After 8.5 miles
you will see a rock pit on the left, and you will take a right up the hill.  Stay right at the next
intersection and you will be on Foster Hill road.  Take the next right on Simonsen road and at
the next intersection go straight.  You will come to a gate - if it's locked, go left - otherwise,
go straight.  You will wind up at the site either way, but straight is better.
Warning:  On the way down, you'll find an annoying deceptive fork in the road.  Go left.
On the main line, you'll find another one farther down - go right.

This is where I was, at least according to the satellites.

The local artists at work.

All set up and ready to go at 2300.

Me and the van.

The radio on the passenger seat.  Note the tiny keyer paddles on top of the radio.

This was made from an open frame relay contact assembly and bolted to a radio mounting bracket.

"You're 59 in Charley November Eighty Six - and I'm glad that RF doesn't cause premature deployment of the airbag!"

The scratch paper shows those heard but NOT worked.

I wound up with 36 contacts and 8 grids.  Six meters is never my best band, but this
was frustrating, considering hearing almost everyone on the scratch paper S5 on aurora.
Hopefully the weather will be this perfect in June, and the other bands will make up for
six meters (and the fact that aurora only seems to appear on 50.125!)

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