Field Day pictures from June 2003...

From left to right, top to bottom:  Operating aid, FT-817, $14 WWVB clock, and $5 antenna tuner.  All contacts with 5 watts or less, class 1B...
...all natural power QSOs.
Same van, different contest.  No VHF QSOs this time.

Keeping the long wire away from the metal.

 This is where I was.
Wherever I go, there I am.

Temperature graph, courtesy of  FINDU.  I was up there on the hottest day, with a high temp of 77F and no wind.

Didn't make many contacts, but had fun.  It was 77 degrees up there, and the air wasn't
moving - so couldn't close the windows.  Inch long flies and flying ants came to visit frequently.

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