Here is yet another four-band operation from the same 
site.  This time, the weather is better and the van is new.
This time, I was in eighth place nationwide, QRP portable.
Interior view.  Yes, that's a heater.
It gets cold here in June at 2200 feet!
Of course, that's Operating Aid #1 on top of the Yaesu.
Here is the new antenna mount.  The antennas are 
assembled with the mast parallel to the ground and the
end is pulled down to tilt the antennas up.  Then, the
end fits into a drive-over ground mount plate.
Another view of the crossbar mounted to the van.  Also a 
view of the six meter beam, which is optimized for best
front to back to eliminate QRM from Portland (45 miles
south) when working Seattle/Tacoma (80 miles north.)