This is a set of pictures from a rover operation during the
VHF Sweepstakes in January 2003.

The original antenna configuration: two elements sideways on 6, 5 elements on 2, 9 elements on 432.

Another view after the boom broke and I was stuck with a dipole on 6.

Meissner Lookout, 1400 feet, CN85.  Nothing like fighting the APRS digi on two meters.

Right: IC706MKII - 100 watts on 6, 20 watts on 2.
Left:  FT-817 with 150 watt amp on 432.

The bank of 31 amp gell cell batteries behind the passenger seat.

Surf's up, dude!  No, that's not atmospheric noise on the bands.  That noise doesn't include sounds of seagulls.

Sand in shoes = proof of operating from CN76.

Rainier Hill, 1100 feet, CN86.

Results:  13/5 on six, 46/11 on two, 2/2 on 223.5, and 16/4 on 432. Score was 2375.
Rotor power supply was left home Saturday, and rotor froze up at 5pm Sunday.
With 4 exceptions, everybody was only looking north and south while I was yelling for
hours from CN76.
Didn't get stopped by police in 5 different counties.  Did get stopped by an interested
ham in CN76.

Did I have fun?  Yes.
Would I do it again?  Not likely.

We need multiple calling frequencies on each band.  I should just operate in the September
contest from my usual 3000 foot location only on 50.135 144.215 and 432.115 so that the
calling-freq-only guys will be completely SOL.  That and refusing requests to move to the
next higher band until noon Sunday would make things more reasonable.

Oh stop, June VHF QSO party.

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