This is a set of pictures from grid square CN86 on Elk Rock during the
Tour de Blast bike ride around Mt. St. Helens on June 15, 2002.

This is where we were, at least according to the satellites.

Left to right:  3 31 ampere hour batteries, duplexer,
two repeaters, another duplexer.

The com van on the left, and my van on the right.

Blue sky above, clouds below.

The main attraction - Mt. St. Helens.

 Randy NU7D handling the communications in the com van.

The fog rising around the mountain.

Bike riders 800 feet below on the road.

This is usually a fun event, with the Cowlitz County communications van
parked above all the action relaying traffic between tour officials and
various other agencies, such as Sheriff, Fire, Ambulance, Gold Wing motorcycle
club volunteers, and amateur radio operators.  My van is set up with two repeaters
as duplex links to provide a second repeater channel with coverage on the back side
of Elk Rock for Coldwater and Johnston Ridge.

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