The Humboldt Capoeria Group hold class in two locations in Humboldt County. 

In Northern Humboldt, classes are taught at the Creamery in Arcata (see schedule for times and directions).  Arcata is home to Humboldt State University, and only 20 minutes away from Eureka.

In Southern Humboldt, classes are taught at Beginnings, a small rural school in the mountains (see schedule for times and directions).  The winding road from Redway carries travellers and residents through redwood forests toward the Pacific Ocean and the wild Lost Coast of California.

All classes are taught by Mestre Canguru, a native of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Mestre Canguru started learning Capoeira in 1978 from Mestre Suassuna, a student of renowned Mestre Bimba.  He graduated in 1988 and formed his own Capoeira Academy (BerimBrasil) in 1997.  Since then, BerimBrasil has expanded beyond Brazil, and now has many students in the United States, Mexico, France, Japan and Colombia.  Humboldt County is very fortunate to have a Capoeira Mestre with his experience and background.

Mestre Canguru is also available for workshops and performances in samba, as well as the traditional Brazilian folk dances of maculele, puxada de rede, and danca do fogo.  Students of all levels are welcome at his classes.