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PHOTOfiction -- what is it?

We may be in the last days of narrative fiction. Writers of novels could be joining epic poets in the dustbin of literary history. Reading is being replaced by viewing, so the future belongs to cameramen, film makers, and animators. What can be done about the decline of serious reading?

In order to seduce the young we-never-read-books, we-only-look-at-stuff generation to the written word, we have created the photofiction literary genre where created-together photographic illustrations share the page equally with text.

The first book of this type, A Maine Yankee at Big Sur, includes more than a hundred related photographs of the Big Sur area. Trout Summer is the second book in this series. Once we use the art to lure the readers in the door, we hope to get them to say, "Novels, what a great idea." Like Socrates, we aspire to the corruption of youth.

* * *

In recent years, the publishing industry has been hit with several "false memoirs" scandals-- Love and Consequences, A Million Little Pieces, and more. In all these cases porported truth was actually fabricated narration. Here we are doing the exact opposite. This is fiction, but by augmenting the text with photographic illustrations, we are saying all of this could be true.


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The Further Adventures of A Maine Yankee at Big Sur

April 9, 2015